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How does this help your school succeed?

How it benefits your school

85% of clicks go to natural listings (not Pay Per Click), 75% of those clicks go to the first FIVE results!

  • Search Engines are the new Yellow Pages
  • When potential students are looking for your website, they’re searching for “keywords” such as “martial arts [yourcity]”, or “karate [yourcity]”. If you’re not one of the first five results, you’re missing out on roughly 65% of potential TARGETED leads
  • These are students who WANT to do martial arts, they’re the BEST kind of lead you can get!

How do we accomplish this?

If anyone promises they’re going to get you to the #1 position in a search… they’re LYING!

Getting your website on the first page is almost always do-able. This is a science and there are methods to the madness. Here’s what we do:

  • Analyze website statistics & trends
  • Research your most effective keywords
  • Create & position website content that creates leads
  • Optimize website for search engines, national & local
  • PROPERLY ensure your site is listed in all major search engines, national & local
  • Proven techniques that generate quality backlinks to your website. These are essential!
  • Engage you in key Social Networks and teach you how to maintain them for maximum effectiveness
  • Create you a school profile page in our School Directory

Show me the numbers

Our school showed 15% of new enrollments coming from out website in the first month, and it’s increasing every month!

  • Everything we do is tracked, measured and optimized. Web Marketing is a science that you shouldn’t be guessing at
  • Your site should be designed to drive this traffic to give you their information. Traffic is no good if you never get their info
  • Measure results and adjust accordingly. It’s like fine-tuning an engine, small tweaks can go a long ways
  • Automated follow ups ensure fluid communication with all your leads, increasing your chances of getting a student

More Information

There’s a lot more to learn about web marketing. Let us tell you more…

  • Why does this even matter?
  • How do you use statistics to improve my leads?
  • Once I get a lead, how do you automate it?
  • What are backlinks and why are they important?
  • What is a Social Network and why will this help my school?