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MEET the ninja who battles evil with his mystic fighting skills – in NORWICH.

Dedicated Martin Faulks, 33, spent six years learning the secret arts of the legendary Japanese superheroes.

And now he flits through the mean streets of East Anglia in a mask and black outfit, carrying out ghostly missions and confronting gobsmacked lawbreakers.

He can move through woods like a panther, vanish “in a puff of smoke”, silently pick locks and endure extremes of cold and heat.

His feats include chasing a burglar who “almost died of shock”, karate-chopping a mugger and tackling a thug attacking a girl in the Norfolk city.

The martial arts expert has undergone rigorous training in Japan – where he lived on squid guts and stood beneath freezing waterfalls – and can use weapons such as huge swords and razor-sharp throwing stars.

But being a ninja isn’t always easy – he hurt his shoulder falling out of a tree, dislocated a finger practising acrobatics and was bitten by a fox he tried to creep up on.

Martin, who by day works as a clerk with a publishing company that specialises in books about Britain’s railways, has had instruction from ninja grand master Masaaki Hatsumi.

He said: “When I was young I was always inspired by superhero stories and wanted to do something special with my life.

“Going on this journey to become a ninja has been the most incredible experience.”
Patient wife Pip, 42, said: “He is the most disciplined person I know. But sometimes I wish he’d just take up something like fishing.”