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Let’s be honest…just about every Martial Arts website out there is…well…ugly.?? Bad colors, bad graphics, lots of ads, pop-ups.?? I have a hard time just looking at a lot of these sites let alone actually navigating them.?? But when I do come across the occasional well-designed and laid out site it’s a sigh of relief.?? And if it has good information…even better!

I know a lot of these people live more for the martial art they practice than they do the internet, so I decided to write up a couple of articles to help out the martial arts schools out there.?? They’re completely opinion based, but as someone with a background in the internet and fairly new to martial arts, I hope I’m providing some insight as to what?? martial art newbies will be experiencing.

Making a Great Martial Arts School Website

Promoting Your Website

I welcome any comments/suggestions or even questions that anyone has about these articles and am more than happy to consult with you on how you can improve your existing website.
Remember…your website may be the first impression a potential new student has with your school.?? This is like a first date.?? If you show up in ragged clothes that don’t match with a hole in the butt of your pants, you’re definately not getting a 2nd date.?? Clean up your act and earn those extra students.