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On a dark and stormy beach somewhere there is a lone martial artist.  Calm and placid amidst the turbulent atmosphere.  His movements calculated, his every breath an exercise in concentration, he is the image of serenity. The life of a martial artist is one filled with training, meditation, learning and reflection.

Here at Experience Martial Arts we have a passion for the life of the martial artist.  We noticed that the resources to connect those who are eager to learn with those who wish to teach are minimal.  With this in mind we set out to create a platform for both students and teachers.  We are proud to bring to you the new Experience Martial Arts!

Our Philosophy
The philosophy of EMA is to educate current and future martial artists about the benefits of training in the arts. We believe every discipline, style, and system is equally effective in their own manner, and EMA is dedicated to promoting and growing these ancient traditions that have been passed down for many centuries.


Our Services
Along with providing a place for Martial Artist and Martial Art enthusiasts to share there experience, stories, videos, photos, etc…  We also offer a number of services:

  • Full directory listing schools across the U.S. and Canada
  • Online studio management software called Zenplanner
  • Advertising! Whether you’re a large martial arts supplier or just a local studio we can help bring business your way!