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We here at EMA are proud to announce a special new set of deals to all users of ZenPlanner!

Offer 1: A Brand New Website!

This is the offer we are really excited about. We have surveyed literally hundreds of dojo’s websites over the past few months. Our research has shown us that 4 out of 5 sites have poor to very poor websites. This can mean a number of things ranging from bad organization to poor usability, all of which result in terrible rankings on the search engines.

Take a look at the advantages of our sites!

Experience Martial Arts Advertising
  • Sleek Design!

    • Our custom built sites are designed to have a sleek feel that will reflect the personality of your dojo.
    • Ease of use is key in any good site. But we don’t just mean a simple interface for users, we make sure that it is easy for you to manage the back end on your own.
    • The sleek design continues into the code of the site, so if you want to change something you will have an easy time doing it.
  • Optimized for Search Engines!

    • Once you choose your site, we make sure that it is optimized to show up top on search engines like Google or Yahoo. Good search engine results are based in the code, so we handle that bit for you.
  • As we stated before, we have surveyed tons of dojo websites and this is the biggest issue we found. Some of the sites were gorgeous, but had terrible search engine potential. What is the point of having a beautiful site if no one sees it?
  • Variety!

    • A selection of designs for you to look through.
    • Community functionality (hey, just like us!).
    • E-Commerce functionality (sell your merch on your site).
    • Many other features that you can pick and choose from.

    So, if you are ready to take a look at the options, piece through the offer, and step up your dojo’s online presence, click the button below to get started:

    Experience Martial Arts Website