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Difficult to trace its exact history, Hapkido was created by one of the most influential Korean martial artists, Choi Young Sul, who had trained in Japan in the art of Daito-Ryu Aikijujutsu under Sokaku Takeda. In 1946, when Korea was liberated from the control of Japan, Choi returned to Korea, later opening a dojang with a fellow colleague. Choi’s art of Hapkido was then shaped by some of his higher ranked student’s background of other martial arts.


Translation: Hap –“together or harmony”, Ki –“universal energy/spirit” Do – “Way”
Literal Translation: T”The Way of Spiritual Harmony”, similar to Aikido because of its influences
Origin: Korea
Major Influences: Japanese Aikijujitsu and Korean Taekkyon


Example Video

The video is a little long, but shows some great step by step demonstrations.

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