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Sometimes called “The Art of Peace”, Akido has a very spiritual component to it. Akido is similar to Jujitsu in that the focus is not on force, but on being smooth or “harmonious” with your opponent. Akido does teach methods of attack, but it’s primary focus is on self-defense and controlling an oncoming attack.


Translation: Ai –“Harmony”, Ki –“Universal energy/spirit” Do –“Way”
Literal Translation: many ways to interpret it. “The Way of Spiritual Harmony”
Origin: Japan
Major Influences: Jujitsu and Kenjitsu


Created by Morihei Uyeshiba and acknowledged as a budo (martial art) in the 1940s by Japan, Aikido constitutes of the joint locks and throws of Jujitsu, swordsmanship movements of Kenjitsu (later kendo), and Uyeshiba’s ideaologies. Also known as O’Sensei (Great Teacher), Uyeshiba developed Aikido under the beliefs and foundation of peace and harmony.


Real Life Application

We consider Akido to be another very effective method of self-defense. It teaches how to neutralize a confrontation by controlling the situation rather than reacting with force.


Akido is primarily an empty-handed art, however weapons are sometimes used in more advanced training.

  • Jo – 4ft. Wooden Staff
  • Bokken – Wooden Sword
  • Tanto – Japanese Knive (usually wooden or rubber)

Example Video

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