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Krav Maga, meaning “close contact” in Hebrew, is an Israeli martial art that was developed by European Jews in order to protect themselves from anti-Semitic groups. After the formation of the State of Israel in 1948, Krav Maga became the official fighting system of the Israeli military. It’s martial arts roots have evolved into a system of staying fit, becoming stronger, and of practical uses for self defense. It has become very popular throughout the globe recently, and is especially appealing to women who seek a good workout while learning practical self defense techniques to keep safe.

Women have long been a part of Krav Maga’s success. When the Israeli Army began recruiting women in the 1960’s, they were trained in Krav Maga and prepared for combat in the same way that men soldiers were. Women’s participation in the martial art since its inception sets it apart from many other martial arts, and makes it appealing to women today.

Gyms across the United States have begun offering Krav Maga classes specifically tailored to teaching women self defense and providing an excellent workout at the same time. Many of these classes are taught by former Israeli soldiers. An increasing interest in the martial art has created more specified types of instruction. Some instructors offer the purest, Israeli form of the martial art, while others have tailored it to teach mostly the self defense aspects of the art.

Krav Maga has become especially popular on college campuses. Women are taking Krav Maga at their college gyms in order to learn self defense. Women are particularly targeted in campus crime and are often subject to situations where their safety is compromised. Krav Maga’s practical uses can teach women and men alike everything from how to avoid a car hijacking, to how to knock a weapon out of an attacker’s hand.

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