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The history of Jeet Kune Do (JKD) as a martial art form may not be nearly as ancient as many of the other fighting styles, but it makes up for it in the fact that you can never truly “master” JKD. Bruce Lee noted that Jeet Kune Do’s beauty and effectiveness lie in its simplicity. For students wishing to learn Jeet Kune Do, there is an expectation and a hope that you will come away from it not just learning Jeet Kune Do moves, but by creating your own meaningful, personal form.

Whether you’re interested in Bruce Lee, his fighting style or just like martial arts – there’s a place for you within the study of Jeet Kune Do. Unlike some other martial arts which strive to mold and “perfect” you in their own image with a certain, explicit “way” of doing things – JKD accepts and welcomes you as you are. Men, women and children of all ages have immediately found a place within this unique martial art, and even lifelong masters feel they still have much to learn about this ever-evolving form.

Learning JKD – Which Branch Do You Choose?

There are two popular branches of Jeet Kune Do – one which deals specifically and directly with Bruce Lee’s teachings and another which is more rooted in his concepts and ideas – using them as a springboard to come to your own emotional, mental and physical discovery and conclusion. No branch or the other is “right” and choosing one is a personal decision that you will come to make the more you are involved in practicing Jeet Kune Do. Again, this martial art “practices what it preaches” in allowing you to come forward with absolutely no fighting experience or prior knowledge and simply giving you the tools you need to make it more meaningful for yourself.

Jeet Kune Do History and Background

To truly appreciate this unique martial art, you have to understand that it is centered entirely around Bruce Lee – whether rooted in his writings or passed along by students who learned JKD under his tutelage. As Bruce Lee aged, evolved and learned from multiple fighting forms, so too does Jeet Kune Do continue to broaden its reach and evolved. It essentially encompasses exactly what you need to know without any of the fluff and filler of other fighting styles – because when you’re engaged in a struggle with an attacker – what truly matters most to you? Doing your katas or fighting to save your life?

This is where Jeet Kune Do truly shines – giving you the necessities to defend yourself and whetting your appetite for greater understanding by combining many different philosophies, theories, moves and techniques to design a fighting style that suits you personally.