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Tai Chi

Historically taught as a martial art, it later transformed into the slow movements and principal of soft overcoming the hard. There are two types of training, 1) solo forms emphasizing a straight spine, relaxed breathing and natural range of motion and 2) partner training that involves the same concept of solo training, but adding the pushing of your training partner’s hand. Studies have said that Tai Chi Chuan is a great source of mediation and alternative solution for light impact fitness.


Other Form of Spelling: Tai Chi Chuan, Taijiquan, T’aiChi Chuan
Translation: “Grand Ultimate Boxing” or “Supreme Ultimate Fist”
Origin: China


The name Tai Chi Chuan derives from the symbol most commonly known in the West as the Yin-Yang diagram. There are several variations of Tai Chi Chuan that have been modified by the practitioner and then passed down to their students. Lineage shows that Chen Wang Ting is the creator of the earliest Tai Chi Chuan. Originally (as many martial arts), the Tai Chi was only taught to members of the Chen Family until the family accepted Yang Lu Chan as a student. He later passed down his version of the art.


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