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Hung Gar

Hung Gar is a close combat fighting art, designed to allow the practitioner the ability to fight in close quarters – such as an alleyway or crowded streets. With low stances (for a better center of gravity), circular blocks and strikes, and animal style fighting (tiger claw, white crane, snake, panther, and dragon) Hung Gar is a swift, yet powerful martial art.


Translation: “Hung” – Originated from the Hung family, “Gar” – Clan or family
Origin: Southern China Shaolin Temple
Major Influences: Tiger and White Crane style of Wushu fighting


Originated from the Fukien Shaolin Temple in the south of China, Hung Hei Goon was the founder of Hung Gar. A master in the wushu fighting art of Tiger Claw, Hung Hei Goon married Fong Wing Chun who had learned the White Crane system from its original founder, Hung Hei, then combined the arts of Tiger Claw and his wife’s White Crane, as well as other animal styles to create Hung Gar. Hung Hei Goon became known as “The Southern Fist” because of his great martial art skills.


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