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Below is a list of Martial Arts styles organized by the region where it originated. Just click on the name of a style to learn more about it and to see videos of it in action.

If there is a style not on this list that you feel should be included, let us know and we’ll look into it. If you have information about the style to contribute that would be a huge help.

Japanese Arts

  • Karate-Do
    “The Empty Hand Way”. An emphasis on hand to hand fighting in a standup form. More punches than kicks.
  • Judo
    “The Gentle Way”. Uses an opponents force against them. A Ground/Grappling style similar to wrestling and Jujitsu, but focusing more on throws.
  • Jujitsu
    “The Gentle Arm”. uses an opponents force against them, originally created to compliment a Samurai’s sword fighting. Very similar to wrestling.
  • Kendo
    “Sword Way”. The style used by the ancient Samurai Warriors.
  • Aikido
    “The Way of Spiritual Harmony”. An art with a very spiritual component and an emphasis of being harmonious with your opponent.

Brazilian Arts

  • Capoeira
    A cross between martial arts and break dancing, this art focuses on kicks and aerials in a dance/game format.

Israeli Arts

  • Krav Maga
    More of a self-defense system than a martial art. Focuses on neutralizing opponents in every-day situations. Excellend for self defense.

Chinese Arts “Kung Fu”

  • Wushu
    Wushu literally means “Martial Arts” in Chinese.
  • Wing Chun
    A “no-nonsense” form of Wushu designed to give less experienced fighters a chance against experienced fighters.
  • Tai Chi
    Tai Chi Chuan is a great source of meditation and alternative solution for light impact fitness.
  • Hung Gar
    Hung Gar is a close combat fighting art, designed to allow the practitioner the ability to fight in close quarters – such as an alleyway or crowded streets.
  • Jeet Kune Do
    Bruce Lee’s style of fighting. Arguable more of a concept than an actual style, Jeet Kune Do encourages you to research many martial arts styles to find an effective method of fighting.

Korean Arts

  • Tae Kwon Do
    “The Way of the Foot and the Fist”, a standup style focusing on kicks more than punches.
  • Hapkido
    “The Way of Spiritual Harmony”, similar to Aikido because of its influences.
  • Tang Soo Do
    “Way of the Chine Hand” – referring to the Tang Dynasty.

Filipino Arts

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