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We love the martial arts community. Bringing it to one beautiful site is our passion, and we want to keep it free. However, we need to eat so we have opened up our sponsorships page. But enough of the heartfelt mumbo jumbo, check out the benefits we offer with sponsorship!

Local Visibility!

Experience Martial Arts Advertising

90% of Martial Arts students live within 5 miles of their school/dojo! We know this, check out how we use it.

When someone comes and visits us at EMA, we start tracking their location. We know where you are right now… seriously. All creepiness aside, we do this so that we can provide them with content relevant to their respective areas. What this means for sponsors is that all of your sponsor dollars go only towards potential customers in your area!


We keep track of all of your metrics to make sure that you know exactly what is going on

Just as we can track the people on our site, we track who clicks on what. So, as a sponsor, the metrics as to how your sponsorship is doing will be open to you whenever you want them. You can go on and find out how many people are actually saw your logo, how many clicked on it, and where they are coming from. These kinds of metrics will help you to find out how effective your ads are and how to focus it to get the most out of your sponsorship dollars.


Lets talk price for just a moment. You must be thinking that this all of this technological expertise will probably cost you an arm and a leg.

This whole package is available for just $19.99! Also, we are doing a special for users of Zenplanner!!

We are cutting our sponsorship price from $19.99 a month down to $14.99 a month! That is a 25% cost savings! So all of the above perks, including the super intelligent sponsorship ads can be yours for so little… amazing!

Experience Martial Arts Advertising