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We offer simple, integrated and powerful software to simplify your life and help make your school more successful.

EMA Advertising

Become a Sponsor


  • Locally targeted Advertising
  • Dedicated personal webpage for your school
  • 30 minute consultative phone call with an online marketing professional
  • White paper on “How to improve your schools online visibility”
  • Be a “Guest Auther/expert” on EMA
  • Receive “Priority Consideration” for news submission on EMA

Website Marketing & SEO


  • Increase leads by 15% or more!
  • Optimize your website for your local area
  • Ensure you appear in all major search engine
  • Create lead forms to help your site generate leads for you
  • Consultation to teach you how web marketing works, what to look for and how to stay cutting-edge

Martial Arts School Website


  • Custom designed Website
  • EASY administrative interface that lets you edit your website just like a word processing document
  • Domain Name
  • Website Hosting
  • Easily add photo gallery’s to your website, great for tournaments & keeping students in your site

School Management Software


  • Manage your students & their progress online
  • Schedule classes & track attendance
  • Automated email reminders for students
  • Simple & effective reports for tracking your school’s bills, student’s tuition, late payments and much more!
  • Credit Card, EFT & Point of Sale are integrated with your School Management Software
  • Student billing is automated and can even have backup payment methods in case e payment fails
  • PCI Security – All payment information is secured, protecting your business from even having credit card or bank account number stolen