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For those of you running martial arts schools, managing your students, classes, belt ranks, marketing materials, contracts, tournaments and monthly billing can take quite a bit away from your passion for teaching martial arts. There are a ton of companies out there you can turn to that have been in the market for a long time and a lot of other schools use…but they’re getting outdated. Installing software on a computer isn’t effective for managing schools, not to mention the constant upgrades and exposure for having credit card or bank account information in your school.

You also have to consider your target market.?? Most schools receive the bulk of their income from younger students who have grown up with the internet, text messaging and video games.?? They want some way to interact with your school even when they’re not training.?? You will attract a lot more interest and students by taking advantage of some of the technology available today…not to mention how much easier it will make managing your school.

ExperienceMartialArts.com has put together a complete suite of services that we can offer your Martial Arts School to give you everything you need with a super-simple way to manage it all.

We’ve created a way for all 4 of these pieces to work together in a seamless fashion, giving you everything you need to run your school and allowing you to focus on doing what you love…teaching Martial Arts.?? Come take a look at our services and feel free to contact us with any questions you have.