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The Submission Master now comes with enhanced features.

PEMBROKE PINES, FL, January 16, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ — There is definite good news for people who have been thinking about buying a grappling dummy to help with their MMA training, and this comes in the form of some significant changes that have been made to the previously available Submission Master grappling dummy. These changes come in the form of some basic structural modifications.

S.M.A.R.T. Athletics, Inc, the makers of the Submission Master, says that these changes have been made after thorough deliberation by a bunch of MMA training experts. “With these enhanced features”, they say, “MMA training can only get better.” “The main focus on the changes that were made in February, 2010, was to better the functionality of our existing grappling dummy”, the company’s spokesperson added.

The Changes:

The torso portion of the grappling dummy comes with three additional inches (in length), and three inches have been added to the length of the dummy’s legs. This, as any MMA training expert would tell you, will facilitate better cross body training, better leg lock training, and also make mounting practice more comfortable.
In addition, the shoulder’s diameter has been narrowed down slightly, and this makes training for triangle chokes a whole lot easier. Further changes include the slimming down of the waist and the bottom region, and this is done so that it’s easier to place the dummy in one’s guard during guard training regimens.

The company spokesperson also made it a point to mention that, “No changes have been made to the way in which the dummy is manufactured, and each Submission Master is still hand filled and machine stitched.” No changes have been made to the Junior Submission Master either, as the company feels that its existing dimensions are perfect for young MMA training enthusiasts.

The Submission Master Grappling Dummy:

The Submission Master grappling dummy is one of S.M.A.R.T. Athletics’ various other MMA training products. What makes this particular grappling dummy particularly interesting is the company’s claim that The Submission Master will continue to hold its hands and legs up, “irrespective of all the MMA training punishment that it is subjected to.” Another aspect that works in the favor of the Submission Master is that people can buy it from just about any corner of the world by simply logging on to the Submission Master website.

Along with the grappling dummy, customers are also provided with access to a bunch of MMA training instructional videos. While some of these videos are offered for free to all the visitors of the Submission Master website, some others are meant especially for customers who buy the Submission Master grappling dummy.

S.M.A.R.T. Athletics, Inc. is based out of the U.S, and is owned and managed by Bob Dorris. Mr. Dorris has been associated with the field of MMA training for well over three decades. These changes in the Submission Master, he says, “are simply recognition of the fact that improvements could be made, as we worked on making them happen in the best possible manner.”