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by Dawn Hawkins

Karate classes are great for adults and children alike. There is more to it than just learning self-defense though. It is about many other things. The lesson that you children can learn in karate are lessons that all children should learn at some point. There are codes of conduct in karate that you don’t find in other activities that children learn.

Benefits of enrolling kids in karate classes:

Exercise- Karate is a great way for your children to get the exercise they need. It gets them more physically active than they have probably ever been in their life. From the time they warm up to the time they leave the class, they will be physically active and learning how to get their bodies more physically fit.

Discipline- Discipline is a major part of karate. You kids will learn how to discipline themselves. Their behavior will be modified each time they have class as they learn more and more how to handle themselves. Self-discipline is a must in karate and your children will learn it in every karate class.

Respect- Kids don’t just learn respect for their elders when they are enrolled in karate classes, they learn to respect their peers and those who rank above them. Kids will learn this respect through sometimes tough lessons learned. If they do not show respect for others, they will soon learn that they won’t get away with it in karate class. They also have to show that respect outside of class as they have to live a respectful life everywhere in order to continue with karate lessons.

Awareness- Children will learn to be more aware of the things around them. They will learn to hear everything around them by sight, smell and sound. Their senses will be much more aware which means they will be safer in the world around them. They will learn how to do all these things through their karate classes as time goes on.

Self-Defense- One of the best benefits to enrolling your kids in karate classes is that they will learn how to defend themselves. Self-defense is important to all kids so that they will be in a better position to help themselves if they should run into problems along life’s path. Unfortunately, that is the reality of the world today.

These are some of the greatest benefits of enrolling kids in karate classes. Kids will have a much better attitude and sense of self when they take karate classes. Kids love taking karate classes because they are fun. They also love the feeling of achievement when they get new belts and go to competitions. There aren’t many bad things you could say about a child taking karate. It’s worth t the money you will spend in order to enroll the kids today.