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The world of Martial Arts is a fascinating one to be sure. It is shrouded in mystery and intrigue, and, as with any such topic, people have made a lot of crap up about it. The tall-tales run the gamut from hilarious to outrageous and we are here to debunk them. If you are looking to take up martial arts because you want a whimsical world of adventure, invincibility, and hookah-smoking blue caterpillars then you should not continue reading.

The Assassination Rule

The assassination rule entails that, in order to be a master, your father must have been killed by elite assassins and/or your dojo must have been defiled.

Ok, so this is not a highly propagated myth.  Well the point to putting this little misconception in here is much larger than just that myth itself.  It points at a larger belief that all martial arts masters are mysterious and have a past shrouded in darkness.  It sounds cool but is, for the most part, untrue.   Many times masters do come off as reserved and mysterious.  The reason for this is that the arts teach discipline, humbleness, and restraint; it would follow that the masters would exhibit these qualities (but not all do, one can only do so much to restrain a goofy personality).

Lethal Weapon… 6 million?

People who are considered masters in their respective arts must register themselves as lethal weapons.

This is, in our opinion, the funniest myth we have heard.  We have heard tons of reasons as to how this myth came up.  We believe, however, that it was probably just the spawn of chatter between people who love Martial Arts movies telling each other about how masters can kill someone with a single series of five finger movements (HA!).  Maybe they can though… but no one has lived to tell the tale!

David and Goliath

Size doesn’t matter.

Yes it does.  Let’s face it, as much as we small folk would like to believe this myth, the fact is that physics exists.  It is a generally accepted law that force = velocity x mass.  This means that a big person can throw a heavier punch than us little folk.  But take heart folk because I did not say being small is a disadvantage.  I simply said that size is a factor in fights.  You can certainly use this to your advantage, it just takes more training.

Street Fighter

Training in Martial Arts will make you invincible on the streets.

Ok, so the myth is definitely not that it will make you invincible but you get the idea.  The fact is that most martial arts you have rules while sparring.  During a street fight there are no rules.  Attackers will not conveniently wait to attack you one at a time.  A fight is a fight, you will have to be creative and adhering to sparring rules is not going to help you.  You will, on the other hand, have more discipline and, hopefully, a cooler head.

Old Asian Man

You have to be an old Asian man and have a sweet wispy beard to be a true master.

This myth is like saying that in order to be an animal expert you need to be Australian.  Unfortunately for you acting hopefuls this myth was spread by Hollywood.  Martial Arts has a rich background in Asian countries and it makes sense that Hollywood would embrace that.  Sadly, this has resulted in the myth that the only true masters are Asian.  I mean really, who takes the acting careers of Jean-Claude Van-Daame or Steven Seagal seriously?

Yea, thats right, a mu’ fuggrin’ pistol.  Kablaow.