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Many people simply think that martial arts and women don’t mix. This is because of the misconception that women are too fragile to be involved in such rough activities and that martial arts would only make a woman aggressive, mean and quarrelsome. There are also times that people think ridiculous things like only ugly or unattractive women get involved in martial arts. The truth is of course contradictory to the aforementioned ideas. In fact, more and more women get involved in martial arts classes to learn self defense. Those who do not have the time to attend classes watch tutorial mixed martial arts videos instead. The more attractive they are and the more vulnerable they look, the more they feel the need to learn how to defend themselves from a potential attacker.

Career women and busy ladies simply take martial arts just as they would take a gym physical fitness class. Attending a few hours a week, they will not only learn how to move swiftly and effectively to protect and defend their selves, but the training will also help them tone their muscles and lose those unwanted fats as they move their bodies while learning a fighting technique. Movements such as punching, rolling, kicking, striking and blocking can also improve a woman’s strength, flexibility, stamina, vigor and endurance to pain.

Martial arts training can also help women improve their assertiveness and self esteem.