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By: Wendy Gillis Staff Reporter

If you’ve already got tickets to UFC 129, your wallet has taken a hit.

Ultimate Fighting Championship Canada issued a warning Wednesday about websites claiming to sell tickets to the April 30 professional mixed martial arts event, happening at the Rogers Centre.

Steve Keogh, public relations director for UFC Canada, said the organization recently learned about the bogus sites.

“We haven’t even scaled the event yet, we haven’t even set the prices yet, they haven’t even gone on sale yet,” he said.

“These sites are obviously just trying to take advantage of an opportunity here.”

Tickets have also popped up on classifieds sites such as kijiji.ca, with some scammers asking for up to $200 dollars a ticket.

Keogh said the organization is hoping to announce the ticket sales date in the coming weeks.

Once the tickets go on sale, there will only be only two ways to get them, he said: either through the UFC website or Ticketmaster.

Not to be confused with the fight, Keogh said tickets to a separate event — UFC Fan Expo — have gone on sale, and can legitimately be bought through that event’s website.

The Ontario government had previously barred professional mixed martial arts, but in August confirmed the controversial sport would be regulated and allowed in the province.