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By Mail Online Reporter

Neighbours of the Hughes family know better than to start any garden fence feuds – because the family are the first in Britain who all hold karate black belts.

The karate clan have proved they’re not to be messed with – by creating the country’s first family fight club after they all gained the sport’s highest accolade within six months of each other.

While most children come home from school and slump in front of the TV, Demi, 14, and Amber, ten, prefer to spend their evenings flooring mother Jane, 41, and father Dean, 44, as they practice their moves.

And the hours of throwing each other around their living room have paid off; the whole family have been awarded with black belts less than four years after their first lesson.

But their dedication nearly landed them in trouble after police mistook their training sessions for a violent family bust up.

Officers in a force helicopter passing over their home in Halesowen, Birmingham, spotted Mr Hughes throwing his wife over his shoulder in their back garden, while the two young girls looked on.

They immediately contacted officers on the ground – who went straight round.

Mrs Hughes said: ‘The police came to the door and asked if my husband had been attacking me.’

‘They were absolutely baffled when I said yes – but told them that me and my two daughters had floored him afterwards. Luckily, we were all in our karate gear – and the police had to see the funny side of it.’

Mrs Hughes’s martial arts moves have also landed her in hospital – the result of tearing a ligament in her knee after high-kicking her husband.

She said: ‘There’s one move we do where Dean puts his hands around my neck, and I grab him by the leg, pull him to the floor and go to kick him where it hurts – but it ended up hurting me that time.’

‘I was in and out of hospital for operations – but I couldn’t wait to get back to training, and I had the full support of the whole family.’

‘We’re all so proud of what we’ve achieved. We started the lessons after we were looking for something for us all to do as a family.’

‘Both my husband and I work, so we wanted to make sure we spent some quality time as a family. It quickly became an addiction – the girls are naturally talented, and took to it straight away – it’s been a bit more of a struggle for me though.’

‘When Dean and I come in from training, we’re exhausted – but the girls are straight out on the trampoline. We definitely struggle to keep up with them. Two of Mr Hughes’s brothers are also black belts, making the family the biggest karate clan in the country.’

Mr Hughes added: ‘Karate is in our blood, it’s something that I was very keen to get the girls interested. It’s good that they know self defence and that was the idea of it.’

‘But once me and Jane saw what they were doing we decided to get involved too. We really were bitten by the karate bug and I’m sure it’s going to carry on for as long as we can still do it.’

Brian Seabright, chairman of the British Karate Association, said of the family’s unique achievement: ‘I don’t know of any other family like this.

‘To have so many members of the same family achieve a black belt is very unusual. To achieve a black belt is not easy, it takes many years of hard work, training and dedication. For the whole family to have achieved that is something special.’

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