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A MARTIAL arts legend is set to visit Pollet’s Martial Arts Centre, Narellan Dojo.

Students from all schools are invited to attend a three-hour seminar with Grand Master Nakamoto on Wednesday, November 10, 5pm-8pm. Sensei Mark Szalajko said the seminar would fill up quickly.

“Grand Master Nakamoto was one of the first Okinawans to be recognised as 10th Degree Karate Master by the Japanese government, is a 10th Degree Hanshi of Ryukyu Kobujutsu (Weaponry), a 10th Degree Hanshi of Gojuryu Karate, and was one of the the last formal students of Chojun Miyagi, the founder of Gojuryu Karate,” Szalajko said.

“He has devoted a lifetime of service to martial arts and is revered as one of the finest weapons and karate grand masters in Okinawa.

“Nakamoto is a direct descendant of the great Uhugusuku Samurai family, the personal bodyguards of the Okinawa kings.

“He was a personal student of the great Kina, Shosei Weapons Grand Master, the successor to the Uhugusuku Samurai Family Weaponry System.”