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Why is it that some instructors can make more than some of highest paid professionals while others are literately eating rice off the do-jo floor? The answer is really quite simple its the all about the type of education they have had about the business of the martial arts.

Now I didn’t say its about their training in the martial arts I said its all about their business training in the martial arts. This is what separates the successful, professional school owners from the school owner that struggles to get by.

Unfortunately being a great martial artist doesn’t count for being able to run a successful martial arts school – but the answer is just around the corner. In fact being a great physical martial artist can sometimes even hinder your business results. As people see your physical ability and assume that they could never be like that.

So how do you start on the right path to becoming a professional. First of all you make the decision that you are going to run a professional martial arts school. Once that decision has been made, the next step is to choose the best person to help you. Now there is a chance that you may decide to go it alone or figure this business out for your. Thats like trying to start your own martial arts when all you have done is run a business.

Just like when you started to learn the martial arts you studied with your instructor you need to find and seek out a professional or professionals with the same level of expertise. Find a business mentor who has already done what you expect to achieve, whether thats running a single school operation or a multi-site operation. The key is in continuing education both for you and your prospective staff members.

There are many credible martial arts consultants out there offering many different products but there are only a few who can claim that they have been there, done it and are still doing it!Before you decide on a mentor or consultant to follow be sure to order one of their products they have produced and you will clearly be able to see the difference.

Look into some of their client list and testimonials, if they say their good then there should be plenty of people they should have helped along the way. Good luck and every success with your martial arts business study.

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