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NASHVILLE, Tennessee – Local tae kwon do instructor Chet Yats was inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame July 31 in Nashville, Tennessee.

The owner of Yats’ Tae Kwon Do, operated out of the Gladwin Community Arena, is a five time national champion in tae kwon do forms and teaches in the olympic style.

Tae kwon do is a Korean version of karate, the retired U.S. Navy veteran explained. People enroll in his classes to learn self defense and for exercise. Yats is a 5th. dan (degree) black belt in the World Tae Kwon Do Federation, and 7th. dan in the International Martial Arts Council. His wife, Lorraine, is a 3rd. dan in the federation.

The couple, from Coleman, teach in Gladwin with three other instructors, and also operate a school in Midland. Lorraine is also a 2001 national champion in tae kwon do forms and fighting.

His interest in martial arts started with a class on his Navy base in 1972. While in the Navy he started a school in Oxnard, California, then another in Hawaii.

The Yats’ operated a tae kwon do school in Beaverton for a short time before moving to the arena in Gladwin. He and his instructors are Karate for Christ International certified, he said.

Classes at the Gladwin Community Arena are $40 a month for individuals, $25 each for families and $30 each if enrolling with a buddy.