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We were quickly reminded in a forum yesterday that Yoga is not a Martial Art. This is very true as the term “Martial Art” is defined as an art that includes an element of combat, and Yoga is about as far from a “combat art” as you can get.

So why do we have Yoga on our website? Well, it’s our guess that some people are coming to this site looking to get into Martial Arts for fitness and fun. While those living in larger cities will have a plethora of schools and styles to choose from, those living in smaller communities may not have that luxury and Yoga may be one of the only options.

Regardless, our goal is to make ExperienceMartialArts appeal to as wide of an audience as possible. We want you to get involved, whatever your reasons may be.

For those of you interested in purely fitness, just about every Martial Art will help you get into shape. If you’re curious about Yoga, I encourage you to give it a shot…my wife has been doing it for years and loves it! It doesn’t help her defend herself, but I think that’s why she’s also interested in Krav Maga, the Israeli self-defense system. (Krav Maga is also not a “Martial Art” since it doesn’t have a sport component, it’s purely for self defense and can be quite a workout while training.)

Will Yoga ever help you in a fight with 2 Kung-Fu students? Probably not. But it makes this video even funnier.