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well, it’s been a while in the makin’ but we’re finally up and running with the site! this all started from a brainstorming session between our founders on how to start a martial arts school in colorado and quicly snowballed into a full-fledged martial arts website. the school can wait, we’re having a blast creating a resource for all you wanting to get started in martial arts.

there’s a lot that we have planned to accomplish with ExperienceMartialArts.com (or EMA as we like to call it). what you’re looking at now is just the first version of the site and we’re scrambling to add as much valuable information as possible. feel free to shoot us an email with any information (articles, links, styles, etc.) that you think we should have on the site and we’ll post it just as soon as we feel like it. kidding…we’ll do our best not to ignore you, but we have a LOT going on right now.

let us know what you think of the website and please feel free to link to us if you like it!

’tis all for now

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