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Making a Martial Arts School Website

It’s their first impression and directly reflects your school. Make it count!

As the internet progresses, more and more people are throwing their yellow pages away in favor of a keyboard and a search engine.

People interested in Martial Arts go to Google looking to figure out which style they should get into and to find a local school where they can learn it. Regardless of their reasons, you know where the new students are looking and all you need to do is get your school in front of their eyes.

After a bit of research, I found that in a given month there are an estimated 500,000 searches in Google for the term “martial arts”. This does not include Yahoo.com, Ask.com and Live.com, which could bring the total to over 1 million searches every month. This is a very broad range of people, but there’s a LOT of them. Maybe only 5 of these 500,000 are potential new students for your school…but that’s 5 new students a month!

Armed with this knowledge, there are plenty of ways in which you can make more of an internet presence for your school and attract more students.

Your Website

Your website will be the first impression web surfers have about your school, so you want it to be professional. Oddly enough, the best websites are the ones that you don’t think about. They don’t annoy you with popups, music you can’t turn off or large animations that take over a minute to load. instead, they use inviting colors, simple navigation and easy answers to the most common questions a web surfer may have. The website visitor is looking to buy into your school, your website should get out of the way and let them give you their money.

Here are some important things to mention “up front” on your website…price, contract terms, size of classes, instructor profile, description of the styles you teach, class schedules and a MAP OF YOUR SCHOOL!! Locatoin is #1, so show them where you are.

Use video websites like youtube.com and video.google.com to post videos of your students. Place these videos on your website so visitors can get a visual of what they’ll be learning at your school.

Keep in mind that your website is a salesperson. Sell your visitors on why they should try your school rather than play football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, go running, go hiking, buy a mid-life-crisis car, join a softball team, get a 24-hour membership, buy exercise equipment or walk through a dark parking lot without self-defense training. Get their interest, make them feel as welcome as possible and reduce barriers to entry. Maybe they can signup for a free class on your website…or even better, they get two free classes if they have a group of 2 or more. Now they’re bringing a friend/spouse with them as well!

You can also use your website to overcome the problem of the different demographics of students. Let adults know that you have an adult program where they won’t be alone with a group of teenagers. Let women know you have classes open to women (or even classes only for women). Show your self-defense classes, your fitness classes and show how younger kids can become involved in martial Arts as a sport.

A great website is an easy, non-threatening way for them to get a taste of your school…so make it a good taste.

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