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Martial Arts Billing Company

Don’t I want a billing company to do my tuition billing for me?

For years, martial arts billing companies have been assisting martial arts schools to collect from non-paying students, and many schools have thrived while using these services.

The only problem is that you give up a large portion of your profits when using one of these services. They are in the middle and collect your money, sit on it for a week or two and THEN send it to you.

With ExperienceMartialArts.com, we can automate the martial arts billing process for you, decrease the number of students that pay late, save you more than 75% on your billing expenses, and alleviate any fear you may have about playing the “bad guy” and having a conversation with your students about payments.

Here’s the reality…

Let’s say you have 100 students at your school and you charge $150 per month.

  • If you went with a billing company who charged 10%, you would be paying $1,500 per month for their services.
  • If you went with ExperienceMartialArts.com, your cost is only $250/month. That’s $1,250/month in savings AND we do not sit on your money at all. It is sent directly to your bank account as quickly as possible (typically 2-5 business days).

Not only will you save money, but combined with an integrated martial arts software, you will dramatically cut the hassles involved in collecting monthly tuition payments.

The martial arts software provided by Experience Martial Arts accepts the student’s payment information when they first signup and you program when you wish the student to be billed. (Yes, you can change this at any time in your software.) When their bill date comes up, the Experience Martial Arts software automatically attempts to bill the student.

Let’s assume that 20% of your billings failed. No problem, the software can automatically re-attempt the payment a few days later. Chance are their paycheck hadn’t come through yet or their credit card hadn’t been paid yet that month. Give it a few days before re-billing and you will see a lot of those failed transactions succeed the second time around. Crisis averted, no conversation needed!

After the re-billing, let’s say you have 2 students that still failed and that you need to speak with about their tuition. While we completely understand instructors not wanting to be the “bad guy” at the school, but for $1250/month we feel it’s more than worth it here at our school. Heck, for $1,250/month, we’ll be happy to fly to your school and be the “bad guy” for you. 🙂

How all of this benefits your students…

Martial Arts is about facing your fears and being calm in difficult situations. This applies to you as an instructor as well. The parents and students understand that you are running a business. They know things in this world don’t come free. If they are having enough money issues that they can’t afford lessons, it’s our job as martial arts instructors to talk with them about their personal life, to encourage them, to help them grow and to help them succeed.

Not only are you saving $1250/month on your billing, but by talking to students who are struggling financially you are being given an opportunity to influence them for the better in a critical time.

If a student simply can’t pay, you don’t want a billing company to be hassling them for the money. You want to do what’s best for them. Maybe it’s suggesting that they cut back on their training, offer to help critique a resume for them, help point them in the direction of a career that you feel they would be a good fit for…just be a good influence on their life.