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Tips for Choosing a Martial Arts Style

To give you an idea of what to be looking for…

There’s no style that is the “best”.

Just because a school advertises a style that isn’t well known doesn’t mean it isn’t a good style. New styles are created all the time by combining existing styles together. Keep an open mind and form your own opinion about each style.

Sport, Self-Defense or Fitness – All styles have all 3 of these components, look for a class that focuses on your purpose or goal.

Find a school nearby with classes to fit your purpose. You may be limited to what’s close and to what you can fit into your schedule.

Visit as many schools as you can before making a decision. The first one you go to may seem great, but there may be an even better opportunity just down the street.

Just like a great teacher can make a boring class seem fun, a great instructor will help you gain a lot from any style of martial art. Use common sense in selecting an instructor and don’t be afraid to choose a style just because you love an instructor.

Know your physical abilities and limits. As you are visiting schools, be sure to check with the instructor about any limitations you may have before signing up. You’ll also get a really good feel for what you’re in for by observing a class or two. Most schools offer one class for free.

If you have friends already practicing a style, think strongly about learning the same style. Having others to practice with and to encourage you helps a great deal in the long run and makes it even more fun.

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