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Martial Arts Billing Company

What do they offer? Are they worth it?

As you’re starting up your Martial Arts School, you’ll undoubtedly run into the question of whether or not to use one of the many Martial Arts Billing Companies out there. Here’s a quick and simple run-down of what we’ve experienced in dealing with billing companies, the pro’s and con’s, and some alternatives that we’ve seen success with.

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Billing Company Breakdown


  • Can be the “bad guy” when you need to collect from a long-time student
  • Take the burden of billing/collections off your hands
  • Appears “professional”
  • Offers marketing & consulting materials to help your school succeed


  • Expensive at 5-10% of your revenues
  • Difficult to get any assistance with marketing/consulting if you’re a small school
  • Need to call in any changes to a student’s price or payment schedule
  • No control over how Billing Company collectors treat your customers when they call to collect money
  • School owner is still responsible for any true “debt collection” that the billing company can’t recover


We’ve heard of some schools using Martial Arts Billing companies with a lot of success and a high level of cusotmer satisfaction. While I question the need for them to take quite so much of a school’s revenue, billing is an essential piece of running the school and most owners want to teach Karate, not collect payments.

However, our experience shows that if you can find a system to automatically collect student dues by either credit card or direct debit from their checking account, your collection rates could actually end up being better than with a billing company.


Through a lot of research and some extensive testing, we have found a way to offer Martial Arts Schools vastly lower rates with a super-simple school management software that will accomplish everything you need to run your school and much more! The one piece that we felt was missing was a professional-looking website to pull it all together…and creating great Martial Arts websites is somethign we do well.

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  1. Enter the Dragon Package – A professional & customized martial arts website with a very simple admin interface so that you can manage and update everything on your site.
  2. Way of the Samurai Package – this is our Full Service package that includes a Martial Arts School Website, Martial Arts School Management Software and Student Billing Solution with the lowest rates in the industry.