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A Collection of articles to help teach you more about Martial Arts


Tips for Choosing…


Info for Martial Arts Schools


  • Making a Great Martial Arts School Website
  • Your website says a lot about your business. This could be a new students’ first impression of your school and a good first impression may earn you a student

  • Promoting Your MA School’s Website
  • A website is no good if nobody visits it. How you promote depends on the type of students you’re looking for, but there are almost endless possibilities in the internet today.

  • Martial Arts Billing Companies
  • A review of how billing companies work, the pros/cons and an alternative if you want more control over your school and don’t want to pay the high credit card rates.

  • Martial Arts Billing Advice
  • We broke down what some of the other billing companies offer and compared it with the best comapny that we found after researching over 8 different martial arts software.


Martial Arts Articles


Sport Martial Arts (aka Sport Karate)


  • Fighting Competition
  • Fight against an opponent. Score points with kicks and punches. First to 5 points wins.

  • Forms Competition
  • Compete by yourself in front of judges. Graded on accuracy and difficulty of your form

Just For Fun


  • Top 10 Martial Arts Movies of All Time!
  • The elite. Best of the best… we’ll make it better. Here’s the list of martial arts movies that you NEED to see! (Bonus points for owning them already)