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We here at EMA are proud to announce a special new set of deals to all users of ZenPlanner!

So, what’s the offer…

It’s perhaps one of the greatest deals offered to local martial arts schools, one that will really take you school to the next level!

Excuse me, but we still don’t know what the offer is…

The best part is… It’s not just one offer… It’s two magnificent, mind-blowing, awesome, stupendous…

Please just move onto the, um, offers!!!

Fine… The wait will last no longer! Here’s what we’ve got for your school!

Our First Offer: Sponsorship Visibility!

Our sponsorship package starts at $19.99/month… But we’re going to cut that by 25%! So for only $14.99/month you can become a sponsor on Experience Martial Arts! The best deal in the industry! Here’s what it gets you:

Target Only Users in Your Area!

  • When someone visits EMA, we track their location and only show them schools in their area
  • You can rest assured that only potential customers will see your ads so you can focus on making them count.

*90% of Martial Arts students live within 5 miles of their school/dojo! Students in Seattle do not go to a dojo in New York, why waste the ad budget?

Experience Martial Arts Advertising

Added Benefits:

All of the following are included FREE when you sign up as a Sponsor of ExperienceMartialArts.com

  • Dedicated webpage on Experience Martial Arts
  • 30 minute consultative conversation with an online marketing professional.
  • White Paper on how to improve your schools ranking and visibility in Local Search engines.
  • Be a “Guest Author/Expert” on Experience Martial Arts to share what is happening in the industry and at your school.
  • Receive “Priority Consideration” for any New items you submit.

Our Second Offer: A Brand New Website!

That’s right folks, a brand new website just for your school! A sleek design with all the features you’ll need to provide your school with a successful online presence. Typically we charge $1,000 for this service, but we’re going to provide ZenPlanner customers with another 25% discount which cuts the price down to $750 which is a SCREAMING DEAL for a website like this! Click here to see a live demo!

There are simple reason why we’re offering this deal:

We’ve surveyed hundreds… literally hundreds of Martial Arts School websites (we might have even looked at yours, just kidding, but seriously we might have) and in our professional opinion, 4 out of every 5 Martial Arts sites we look at are doing a poor to very poor job with their online presence. This means these sites aren’t easily found in the search engines and there’s not much of a reason to have a website if potential clients can’t find it on the web. Also, these sites aren’t encouraging visitors to sign-up for classes. One of the schools we contacted, who we felt did a very good job with their online presence, said roughly 60% of their students were gained online through their website! If you want to turn visitors into customers and help increase your schools performance, then you should contact us!

Features of the website:

  • A great modern design website with flexible layouts and 200+ styles to choose from!
  • Comes complete with an online schedule so students can easily check to see when their classes are along with portfolio and gallery pages so you can add videos and pictures to document your students progress.
  • We build the site using wordpress which makes it easy to add content and update the website YOURSELF! Once the website is finished we’ll train you on how to update it and then it’s in your hands. Which means there are no recurring fees when you want to update the site!!!
  • Click here to view a live demo of what the site looks like!
Experience Martial Arts Advertising

So, if you think one or BOTH of these offers is for you and your school, please click on the appropriate link below… If not, we wish you and your school the best of luck. Feel free to contact us when you’re ready!

Sponsorship Package

Experience Martial Arts Advertising

Website Package

Experience Martial Arts Website